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12 Ways to Use and Preserve Citrus – –  · Save your rinds from any citrus and use them in a variety of ways. Candied citrus peels are a fun treat to make. If you don’t have a use for your peels right away, dry them either on a screen for small amounts or in a dehydrator for larger amounts.

Substitutes for Pectin in Jellies & Jams | LEAFtv – Pectin, a naturally occurring substance in fruit, thickens jams and jellies. Today, most cooks use commercial pectin in their preserves. Available in liquid or powder forms, the pectin is natural, safe, and reliable. However, the products add to the expense of making jam, and aren’t always.

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Thickening Technique – Amazing Food Made Easy – Thickening Technique Click here to get great modernist content via email. There are a wide variety of ways to thicken liquids. In Western cooking flour or another starch has traditionally been used, especially to make gravies. Reducing the liquid over heat is another common technique.

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Easy dinner recipes: Three great ideas for cheese lovers – Trim the rinds from the cheese and cut it into thin slices. adding the egg and stirring with a wooden spoon until the mixture thickens. Let diners pick out the pieces of bread with their fondue.

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Watermelon Rind Preserves – The Mountain Laurel – Watermelon Rind Preserves. Drain. 2. Soak in clear water for 1 hour. Drain. 3. Cover with water and boil for 1+ 1/2 hour. drain. 4. Make syrup of 2 cups sugar and 1 quart water. 5. add rind and boil for 1 hour. 6. As syrup thickens add lemon [half for each lb. of melon]. 7. When syrup is thick and rind clear, pack in hot, sterilized jars, top with syrup and seal.

Crumbs can be a cook’s best friend – Or get creative, mixing crumbs with melted butter or herbs, spices, garlic, grated lemon rind or umami-rich grated Parmesan. a job they do well in soups and stews. The late, great chef didn’t.

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What do you think??? Update on "Pork Bread" usage (With Recipe) – The only concern I have is the oil that may be used to fry the pork. I would suggest making your own pork rinds and using organic, quality pork to make it more paleo. Here is a recipe from a quick search I did on the Internet. I have never made pork rinds so I have no idea if this is what you are talking about. pork rind recipe

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